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VA strongly encourages Veterans Health Administration (VHA) staff participation in this annual educational conference. AMSUS (The Society of Federal Health Professionals) serves as a communication platform for the advancement for health professionals in all federal health agencies, as well as other nations. VHA employees may attend a non-Federally sponsored external conference if approved by their VHA supervisory chain. VHA approving officials must continue to exercise discretion and judgment in ensuring all conference expenses are appropriate, necessary, and managed in a prudent manner in accordance with Federal Travel Regulations, Vol XIV Travel Policy, and Volume XVI Chapter 1, Government Purchase Card Program and current VHA travel guidance.


126th Annual AMSUS Meeting

 Force Health Protection:

 From Battlefront to Homefront

 28 November – 1 December 2017 |  Pre – Con  27 November

 National Harbor, MD | Washington, DC Metropolitan Region