Annual Continuing Education Meeting

Thank you for attending the 2014 AMSUS Continuing Education Meeting.


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View Wound Care Sessions from the 2014 AMSUS Annual Meeting. No online Continuing Education Credit will be available for these sessions.

Originally presented Tuesday 2 December – Wednesday 3 December 2014:

I. From Evidence to Practice – Biofilms, Pressure Ulcer Prevention & Compression Therapy

Linda Cowan, PhD

II. The Role of Oxygen Free Radicals in Compromised Wound Healing

Jeffrey Niezgoda, MD

III. Growing Pains While Shrinking Wounds – Updates and Reviews of the San Diego Plastic Surgery/Spinal Cord Injury Telehealth Program, from Inception and Implementation to Development and Challenges, a Multi-Year Experience

Kevin Broder, MD; Richard Bodor, MD; Andrew Michael, MD

IV. Acute Wounds: Lacerations, GSW’s and the Blast – Better Acute Wound Care, Better Patient Outcomes, Better Collaborations

John P. Kirby, MD, FCCWS, FACS

V. Pressure Ulcer Prevention Revisited

Linda Cowan, PhD

VI. Advances in Wound Care – The Latest & Greatest in New Modalities

Jeffrey Niezgoda,MD; John P. Kirby, MD, FCCWS, FACS